Swimsuit two piece model 60389 Marko


This swimsuit is a perfect fit without the push up effect. It is made for women who want to emphasize their true, natural beauty.
The bra is padded (5 mm) with foam and has no push up cushions. In the lower part there are underwire. Its advantage is the fact that it perfectly gathers the breasts, brings them nicely together and tempts with a sensual, natural neckline. In addition, elastic sides, back fastening with a buckle and adjustable straps, plus tropical colours. All this creates a truly sensational whole.
The panties are tied on both sides of the hips, smooth, with floral ties on the sides. They look sexy and at the same time are very comfortable.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

Size Hips Underbust Chest Bottom size Cup Size
65A/S 82-90 cm 65-70 cm 79-80 cm S A
65B/S 82-90 cm 65-70 cm 81-82 cm S B
70A/M 88-94 cm 70-75 cm 82-83 cm M A
70B/M 88-94 cm 70-75 cm 84-85 cm M B
70C/M 88-94 cm 70-75 cm 86-87 cm M C
75A/L 92-98 cm 75-80 cm 85-86 cm L A
75B/L 92-98 cm 70-75 cm 87-88 cm L B
80C/XL 96-102 cm 80-85 cm 92-93 cm XL C
80D/XL 96-102 cm 80-85 cm 94-95 cm XL D
70D/M 88-94 cm 70-75 cm 88-89 cm M D
75D/L 92-98 cm 75-80 cm 91-92 cm L D
75E/L 92-98 cm 75-80 cm 94-94 cm L E
80E/XL 96-102 cm 80-85 cm 96-97 cm XL E
85E/XXL 100-104 cm 85-90 cm 99-100 cm XXL E
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